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OMG! 90,000% Return on your Equity Investment in 10 years!

90,000 % return on your equity investment in 10 years! What a multibagger stock this is!
We know, that will leave you agape! But it's true. Look around you, some people around you might be among the luckiest investors who have made this happened. An analysis of stock prices revealed that five stocks of BSE have soared between 10,000 and 91,000 per cent since December 2006. Multibagger Stocks, 100 Bagger Stocks, 1000 Bagger stocks, 10,000 Bagger stocks or Million Bagger stocks what will you say to these blockbuster stocks?

Symphony Limited: 

Image: symphony ltd_10,000 and 91,000 per cent since December 2006. Multibagger Stocks, 100 Bagger Stocks, 1000 Bagger stocks,10,000 Bagger stocks_Million Bagger stocks

Among the biggest winners shares of Symphony Limited proved to be a true multibagger stock which climbed 90,677% to Rs 1,180 on December 5, 2016 from the price of a chocolate caramel to Rs 1.30 as the stock quoted on December 29, 2006 (NSE, India). Thus, an investment of Rs 10,000 in stock in December 2006 would have been Rs 90.77 lakh today; A 3-BHK apartment at the price of a caramel!
Symphony’s net income has increased at a CAGR of over 50% over the past 10 years. The net profit of the Symphony rose from Rs 2,20 crore in 2006-2007 to Rs 123 crore in 2015-16.

Ajanta Pharma: 

Image: Ajanta pharma; 1,00,000% return Multibagger Stocks, 100 Bagger Stocks, 1000 Bagger stocks, 10,000 Bagger stocks or Million Bagger stocks_hidden_gem

Ajanta Pharma is another stock in the list, which has jumped 19,057 % over the past 10 years. The company's adjusted share price increased from Rs 9.85 in December 2006 to Rs 1,886.95 this December. For the year ended March 31, 2016, the company reported a net profit of Rs 410.90 crore versus Rs 309.86 crore, Rs 233.88 crore, Rs 112.11 crore and Rs 77.26 crore reported for FY15, FY14, FY13 and FY12, respectively.

Other BSE wealth creators include;

DFM Foods: DFM Foods increased by 14,997 %, rose from Rs 10.59 on December 29, 2006 to Rs 1.598 over the past 10 years.
Caplin Point : Increased by 14,076 %, Caplin Point over the past 10 years rose from Rs 2.52 to Rs 357.
Labs and Vinati Organics: Increased by 13,073% Labs and Vinati Organics rose from Rs 4.38 to Rs 577 over the past 10 years.

Among other things, Relaxo, Mayur Uniquoters, Tasty Bite, Opala RG, Manappuram Finance, Capital Trust and Eicher Motors climbed between 6,000 and 10,000 percent during this period.

Eicher Motors 

Eicher Motors is always discussed by investors especially when it comes to a multi-bagger stock. The shares of Eicher Motors have given a magnificent return to investors. The money invested in the stock of Multibagger Eicher Motor has increased multifold by 11,827% over the past 7 years.
Let us try to understand this calculation by an example. Suppose 7 years before in 2009 you needed a vehicle and you bought Royal Enfield Bullet for Rs 1,35,000 whose parent company is Eicher Motors. On same day one of your friends who was also in need of a two-wheeler, decided to postpone his requirement and invested his money of Rs 1,35,000 in the shares of Eicher Motors when the shares of  Eicher Motors was trading at just Rs.216, so he got 625 shares of multibagger Eicher Motors in its portfolio.
Now let’s see what happens when he sold his entire holding when the shares of Eicher Motors were trading at its all time high. The shares of Eicher Motors made high of Rs. 25,763 on 
7th October 2016.

  • Cost of the Royal Enfield Bullet (Eicher Motors) in 2009 = Rs.1 Lac
  • Current Showroom price of Royal Enfield - Bullet = Rs.1.40 (approximate)
  • Current market value of your old and used Royal Enfield = 40,000 (after depreciation)
  • Capital erosion = 1 lac (Yes you lost one lac and this does not include repair and maintenance cost incurred by you)

  • Investment in 625 shares of Eicher Motors in 2009 = 1.35 Lac
  • Market value of shares of Eicher Motors on 7th October, 2016 = 625 x Rs. 25,763
                                                                                                     = Rs 1.61 Crore

Capital appreciation = 1.5 Crore (approximate)

In addition, there are 124 shares on the stock exchange that have grown between 1,000 and 5,000 percent since December 2006.

Most frustrating Stocks

At the same time there are certain stocks in BSE and NSE whose performance was quite disappointing during this period; stocks of Green Fire, Winsome Diamonds, Lok Housing, Ramsarup Industries, Cranes Software and Subex have decreased up to 99 percent over the past 10 years.

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