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ICICI maintains BUY rating on the NCL Industries, Target 210

Buy NCL Industries for a target price of Rs 210

ICICI maintains BUY rating on the NCL Industries with a revised target price of Rs 210/share. They value the company on an SOTP basis. ICICI assigns EV/EBITDA multiple of 6.5x for the boards division on FY20E EBITDA while the cement business is valued at EV/tonne of US$50/t 

About NCL Industries

NCL Industries Limited is engaged in manufacturing cement. The Company offers ordinary Portland cement (OPC), Portland Pozzolana cement (PPC), OPC 53 S cement, and Plain and laminated Cement Bonded Particle Boards. The Company's segments are Cement, Boards, Prefab structures, Hydel Power and Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC). The Company's cement manufacturing units are located at Simhapuri in the state of Telangana and Kondapalli in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Its boards plants are located at Simhapuri in the state of Telangana and Bhothanwali Village in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Its RMC plants are located at Hyderabad in the state of Telangana and Visakhapatnam in the read more >>>

Fundamental Analysis of NCL Industries Ltd  find here>>>

Latest Shareholding pattern of NCL Industries Limited

Buy NCL Industries for a target price of Rs 210, ncl multibagger stock
Earlier recommendation by stock brokers;
Research Reports

Jul 06, 2018:   Buy NCL Industries; target of Rs 210: ICICI Direct
Dec 13, 2017: Buy NCL Industries; target of Rs 305: ICICI Direct
Mar 15, 2017: Buy NCL Industries; target of Rs 265: Dolat Capital
Feb 28, 2012:  Buy NCL Industries; target Rs 90: Auctus Capital
Dec 03, 2007: Buy NCL Ind; target of Rs 120: IL&FS Investsmart

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What is ETF? How does it differ from Mutual Funds | 2018

What is the basic difference between ETFs and Mutual Funds

  • What is ETF?
  • What is an ETF index fund?
  • What is an exchange traded fund?
  • Mutual Fund Vs ETF: Which is Right For You? ETF vs Mutual funds India
  • ETFs vs Mutual funds long term
  • ETF vs Mutual fund performance
  • ETF vs Mutual funds pros and cons
  • ETF vs Mutual fund vs Index fund
  • ETF vs Mutual fund vanguard
  • Best ETF in India

ETF or Exchange Traded Fund

ETF or Exchange Traded Fund is an investment fund which is traded on the stock exchange. The assets held under an ETF are commodities, stocks and bonds. These are traded for an amount close to the original net asset value of the asset, during a trading day. A bond index or stock index is tracked by most ETFs. The price of the ETF can vary throughout the day. Generally, ETFs have lower more>>

Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are a professionally managed investment funds that trades in diversified holdings. Funds are pooled from various investors and invested with the assistance of professionals. The investment portfolio includes bonds, money market instruments, stocks or a combination of all. The investor owns a share of the mutual fund and reap the same benefits or more>>

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Difference between exchange-traded funds and mutual funds

ETFs trade throughout the trading day, like stocks, while mutual funds trade only at the end of the day at the net asset value (NAV) price. Most ETFs track a particular index and as a result have lower operating expenses than actively-invested mutual funds. Thus, ETFs may improve your rate of return on investments. In addition, ETFs have no investment minimums or sales loads, unlike traditional mutual funds, which often have both. Most indexed mutual funds, however, will not have sales loads. 

Taxes and Rate of Return

ETFs create and redeem shares with in-kind transactions that are not considered sales. Thus, taxable events are not triggered. Redemptions create tax events in mutual funds, but they do not create tax events in ETFs.


Similarities of Mutual Funds and ETFs

Many investors that want to learn about exchange-traded funds (ETFs), try to find information about how they are different than mutual funds. But before going over the differences between the two, there are actually a few key similarities that are valuable to know.

Here's how mutual funds and ETFs are alike: Read more >>>

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What is Full Form of "SRS"?

Full Form of "SRS" Limited

Full Form of "SRS" Ltd India
Hello Friends I have been receiving continuous mail regarding Full Form of "SRS"  used in Srs Group so just thought to post here.

"The SRS Group believes that sustainable success is to stay together as a team and achieve extraordinary victories. This understanding is reflected in the Group's commitment to keep all members of the extended family of the whole business - small wonder then that his name simply develops in 'Sab Rahen Saath'."

Full Form of SRS is "Sab Rahen Saath".

Other forms of SRS;

Sound Retrieval System, 
Statistical Reporting Service, 
Software Requirements Specification,
Supplemental Restraint System, 
Sample Registration System, 
Stereotactic Radio Surgery,

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Top 10 Quality Stocks Trading at P/E below 10: Latest List #3

What is PE Ratio/ PE multiple and how is it calculated?

P/E Ratio or P/E multiple stands for Price to Earning Ratio, this is one of the most popular and proven tool of stock valuation. Price in stock market is more or less determined by P/E ratio. 

P/E = Price/EPS
Price = PE x EPS

*P/E = Price to earning
*EPS = Earning Per Share

As a rule of thumb the lower P/E is, the lower valuation of stock is said to be. However, P/E ratio should not be the single parameter of stock valuation. It should be noted whatever PE multiple we see is the result of past performance of the stock but market always react on future growth potential of the company where you should look for 'Forward P/E'. At the same time investors should not ignore PE,because it reflects valuation trend of the stock. Some stocks tends to trade at higher PE where some of them trade at lower PE, confused? Let me explain in simple way; suppose a stock trading at normal valuation and there is news flash that the cost of raw material used by the company has declined significantly, how will you react? You should simply buy the stock because the overall cost of the company will come down due to which profit will certainly surge. Now come to P/E, due to increased profit the P/E of the stock must also come down. 

Here is the latest list of Top 10 Quality Stocks Trading below 10 P/E: 2018

Top 10 Quality Stocks Trading at Low P/E: Latest List #3 

1. Chennai Petroleum @ 352, P/E: 5.64
2. Dewan Housing finance Ltd (DHFL) : @582 P/E : 5.90
3. Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) @ 363.20 P/E: 8.88
4. GSFC @ 125.95  P/E : 9.91
5. PTC India @ 98.30 P/E: 8.72
6. PTC India Financial Services (PFS) @30.40 P/E : 7.89
7. NHPC @ 26.60  P/E 9.96
8. SJVN @ 34.50 P/E 9.86
9. Cosmo Films @ 291.25, P/E 6.58
10. Deep Industries @ 193.55 P/E 7.68

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Top 10 Quality Stocks Trading at Low P/E: Latest List 2018

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Chennai Petroleum: Buy This Multibagger Stock

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Stock Idea; Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL)

CMP:    352.35 INR (As on 22nd Feb, 2017)                                     Target price : INR 510*
Chennai Petroleum.
Chennai Petroleum is one of the best stocks in refineries sector trading at a very low PE. This is a buy for a number of other reasons. Chennai Petroleum is a company that is into crude oil refining.

About the company
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) is an Indian state-owned oil and gas corporation headquartered in Chennai, India. Formed as a joint venture between Government of India, AMOCO and National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), it was formerly known as Madras Refineries Limited (MRL). Chennai Petroleum is a public sector undertaking (PSU) and categorized as Miniratna-I.

Product portfolio;
The main products of the Chennai Petroleum are;
  • LPG,
  • High Speed Diesel,
  • Motor Spirit,
  • Bitumen,
  • Lube Base Stocks,
  • Superior Kerosene,
  • Aviation Turbine Fuel,
  • Naphtha,
  • Paraffin Wax,
  • Hexane,
  • Petrochemical Feed Stocks and
  • Fuel Oil.

(In Rs Cr)
Total Share Capital
Net Worth
Total Debt
Net Block
Total Assets

MARKET CAP (RS CR):    5,427.08
EPS (TTM):             60.81
P/E :                        5.99
INDUSTRY P/E:          9.56
BOOK VALUE (RS):   222.53
PRICE/BOOK:            1.64
DIV (%):                      210.00%
DIV YIELD.(%):         5.76%
FACE VALUE (RS):   10.00

Why Chennai Petroleum is a multibagger stock?

Chennai Petroleum is a multibagger stock which has risen from Rs. 51.75 in October, 2013 to Rs. 480 in October, 2017 i.e. it delivered more than 800% profit in just 4 years. Chennai Petroleum witnessed a fantastic years even in 2017-18 and the same trend is expected to continue.
The company has already reported an EPS of Rs 50 in the last three quarters of FY 2017-18.  An another Rs 15 to 18 EPS is expected in the fourth quarter, if it is then the twelve month trailing  (TTM) EPS will come around Rs 65 to 68. Hence at a current price of Rs 353 the stock of Chennai Petroleum is trading around P/E multiple of 5 only and at this price valuation is mouth watering. 
Chennai Petroleum is one of the best stocks in refineries sector trading at a very low PE. This is a buy for a number of other reasons. Chennai Petroleum is a company that is into crude oil refining. As long as crude oil prices remain subdued there is a complete scope for the stock price to rally. The company has also known for excellent dividend yield track record it recently declared a stupendous dividend of Rs 21 per share accounting for a tax free dividend yield of Rs. 5.75 % at current share price of Rs 353. 

 On yearly chart the stock of Chennai petroleum is trading at Rs. 353 (as of 21th feb, 2018), it has support at Rs. 339 which is it’s 52 week low price too. On the top line it has made high of Rs. 480. Hence as a rule of thumb it is a buy at current price with a target of 475-480 (35% upside) with a stop loss of Rs. 335-340. Risk reward ratio is highly favorable in this stock.


Chennai Petroleum is a company that is in crude oil refining business and therefore heavily depended on crude prices.
Other factors related to Chennai Petroleum

Mutual Funds Holding (As of 20th Feb, 2018)
Aditya Birla Sun Life Bal. 95 Fund (G)
Aditya Birla Sun Life Pure Value Fund (G)
Aditya Birla Sun Life Small and Midcap Fund
Aditya Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund

*Broker’s View;
KR Choksey in it's research report said that they expect Chennai Petroleum to fetch an EPS of INR 68.48 for FY18E, INR 107.05 for FY19E and INR 124.95 for FY20E. While at  CMP of INR 426, the stock is trading at 3.98x of its FY19E earnings and at 3.41x of its FY20E earnings. We recommend a BUY rating with a target price of INR 510. find detail report on chennai petro here here>>>