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Buy Suzlon Energy - Target of Rs 24: HDFC Securities

HDFC securities is bullish on Suzlon Energy. Find recommendation for a purchase price of Rs 24 in its research report of 13 February 2017;
Suzlon a Multibagger in making | 2018 | Hidden Gem Stock | Multibagger Suzlon Energy

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Suzlon Energy~ A Multibagger in making | 2018

Suzlon Energy a Multibagger in making, 2018_price_target_turnaround_stories_stock price_share marekt, nse bse broker's view
"No Shares are good but the price you enter makes it good" 
NSE: SUZLON - 20th Feb, 2018              Closing Price 13.00

 About Suzlon Energy Limited 
Suzlon Energy is the pioneer and leader in renewable energy solutions business. Suzlon is the market leader in India with global presence in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. Over the past two decades, Suzlon has expanded and strengthened its presence in 19 countries. The group has 15 manufacturing plants in India and China as joint venture. With dynamic employs more than 8,000 employees, Suzlon is proud to promote a culture that respects and empowers the community as the most valuable assets of the company. Suzlon Energy is the market leader in India with more than 100 wind turbines with an installed capacity of over 10 GW distributed in 9 countries. Suzlon is credited with the development of a number of Asia's largest operational offshore wind farms in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. These Kutch (Gujarat) and Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) from Suzlon wind farm to date have a cumulative installation of about 1,200 MW each. Suzlon diverse customer portfolio includes companies from a wide range of industries, including private and public companies, energy suppliers and independent power producers. To Know more about Suzlon Energy Limited and its product portfolio you may visit its official site here>>>

 Key numbers; (Standalone) 

  • MARKET CAP (RS CR): 9,596.60 
  • P/E: 44.42
  • BOOK VALUE (RS) : 1.23
  • DIV (%) : 0.00%
  • INDUSTRY P/E: 28.72
  • EPS (TTM) : 0.43
  • P/C : 25.13
  • PRICE/BOOK : 15.53
  • FACE VALUE (RS) : 2.00
*Source: moneycontrol as on 29-03-2017

Inception of a turnaround story.....The worst is over now

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Low PE Stocks ~ Latest list Feb-2018

For an investor PE Ratio is one of the significant and mostly used price multiples for stock valuation and investment idea. A higher PE indicates better operating performance whereas a lower PE indicates cheap valuation of stock. PE Ratio or PE multiple is the most popular and widely used indicator available to investors across the globe. Apart from seeing the PE ratio of a company, people need to also see the industry PE ratio because that will also highlight the status of peers and the industry in general and what is the position of the company in consideration when it is compared with the peers.

NameCMP Rs.P/EMar Cap Rs.Cr.Div Yld %CMP / BV
Elcid Investment5.3500.11272.730
Sunrise Indl.5.790.070.2900
Unichem Labs.370.41.33368.310.810.91
Claris Lifescien387.71.342115.590.520.83
Taparia Tools55.751.3516.9200.17
R J Shah & Co287.71.758.063.470.39
Aneri Fincap5.031.881.5200.31
Zylog Systems3.92.9223.010
Comfort Comtrade11.423.1211.441.750.76
J R Foods3.813.233.6200.5
Poona Dal & Oil64.753.6136.9701.04
JPT Securities193.765.7200.59
Paragon Finance26.154.2711.1100.51
Nath Pulp & Pap46.154.3741.540
Simran Farms1444.4554.5803.03
Ind-Agiv Commer.25.74.592.5701.07
Dhampur Sugar204.854.621359.952.931.63
Gagan Polycot3.664.693.6600.24
Indian Metals620.454.71673.793.221.37
Dalmia Bharat109.84.78888.831.821.06
Kothari Sugars16.85.16139.262.981.05
Datasoft Applica0.515.330.1600.15
Nalin Lease Fin.
Rajshree Sugars41.85.51117.742.391.71
Rural Elec.Corp.149.955.7729613.96.440.8
Nyssa Corp.1.363.900.17
HB Stockholdings48.056.09114.3100.72
Balrampur Chini120.46.12829.742.911.57
Enterprise Intl.10.936.153.2600.4
C P C L376.46.195605.036.371.38
Gyan Developers6.596.61.9800.5
Sheraton Proper.10.986.61.3200.38
Lancor Holdings30.856.64124.940.650.81
Speedage Comm.9.56.640.9300.53
Shervani Indl Sy588.96.66183.500.83
Frontline Sec.73.256.6752.640.681.04
Natl. Steel&Agro38.557.03171.5500.47
Guj Inds. Power122.357.181850.542.210.77
Shreyans Inds.171.77.22237.290.871.66
EID Parry326.457.4757781.221.79
Lak. Fin. & Indl112.97.5133.873.10.81
Amco India41.657.6417.1200.64
Integ. Capital5.17.7918.4401.59
Trishakti Elect.
Prime Securities51.558.01136.6909.9
Maithan Alloys848.38.092469.530.293.11
M R P L118.758.0920812.135.051.77
Bluechip Tex Ind1528.1829.940.992.12
Swasti Vin. Art78.41282.862.46
PTL Enterprises53.258.47352.452.352.26
Karnataka Bank135.958.483842.052.940.76
Gothi Plascon16.758.7617.0902.17
IRB Infra.Devl.221.98.797798.682.251.31
N R Agarwal Inds466.48.83793.770.433.45
Zodiac-JRD MKJ479.0524.351.060.36
Sh. Steel Wire189.175.9600.62
Eros Intl.Media198.559.21878.8500.86
West Coast Paper2729.211796.560.922.29
Comfort Fincap15.659.2316.981.280.58
I O C L378.659.261,83,868.845.021.59
Cosmo Films318.659.27619.463.141.05
Kamat Hotels120.159.31283.310
TTI Enterprise1.199.443.0200.11
Reliance Capital494.79.5412501.32.130.77
Amarjothi Spg.151.159.73102.031.320.96
Tata Chemicals700.759.817852.311.571.9
Pondy Oxides573.959.82320.030.523.63
Sintex Inds.22.359.851319.621.030.33
Guj. Automotive306.959.8853.7201.46
Union Qual. Pla.39.259.9918.980
TCFC Finance359.9936.6800.45
Seshasayee Paper916.5510.051155.771.091.84
Hindustan Media24310.061783.380.491.37
A K Spintex39.2510.1319.7501.23
JK Paper140.810.172471.050.951.64
Bajaj Holdings2693.810.1729979.31.211.48
Tainwala Chem.106.710.1999.8701.87
Kellton Tech130.6510.28618.8502.78
Gogia Capital26.2510.348.2700.55
Century Enka329.210.35719.32.130.79
Hinduja Global934.410.421943.481.071.31
Polyspin Exports12510.42500.962.03
Orient Paper40.4510.5858.292.471.59
Rajdarshan Inds1910.555.9100.3
Vardhman Acrylic47.5510.58382.133.151.17
Everlon Synth17.210.639.6701.62
GeeCee Vent.138.1510.87300.1500.8
Pion. Agro Extr.8.8110.893.8103.26
Tata Coffee138.811.052592.371.262.12
Ausom Enter.93.511.11127.3502.31
Gallantt Metal40.2511.22327.3100.88
Supertex Inds.7.2511.268.2200.29
Trigyn Techno.147.311.33440.460
Nitin Spinners110.311.37609.070.92.07
DCM Shriram543.411.388825.691.092.8
KLG Capital18.1511.395.8100.78
DHP India570.611.47171.180.353.12
Redington India141.911.495678.453.031.63
Rockon Enterp.1.5511.642.5600.16
Kalyani Steels328.311.731433.361.531.73
I D F C53.2511.768500.590.470.75
Inox Wind123.8511.772748.4601.34
Dolat Investment10.6411.83187.2602.05
APM Inds.62.311.83134.643.30.94
Basant Agro Tech7.5611.9768.490.660.64
Narmada Gelatine171.4512.07103.722.330.89
Swasti Vinayaka4.1812.0929.262.152.99
Arihant Capital149.712.11311.710.52.59
Prakash Inds.211.612.273264.3201.33
BNK Capital124.112.34124.11.212.15
Power Grid Corpn193.212.41,01,074.322.251.8
SREI Infra. Fin.81.7512.454112.760.610.79
Rammaica (India)17.712.5916.8701.85
Reliance Power44.912.5912595.0200.57
Dhanlaxmi Fabric32.612.6327.9700.61
Manappuram Fin.104.3512.758785.881.442.28
Ajmera Realty267.612.82949.441.121.72
Reliance Infra.451.512.84118742.010.48
GIC Housing Fin408.9512.872202.21.222.29
Archana Software2.14131.300.52
LIC Housing Fin.511.8513.0525830.511.212.06
Auro Labs.98.1513.1261.1504.83
Sutlej Textiles84.5513.141385.171.541.51
Vardhman Textile1319.6513.157573.61.111.61
Tata Motors368.7513.21,17,002.0501.8
Dewan Hsg. Fin.514.4513.2816136.180.781.82
TGV Sraac6313.39578.4401.55
Prime Urban21.1513.5556.351.891.79
Guj Alkalies742.9513.65456.220.671.49
Guj. Intrux113.7513.6639.0800.97
P.M. Telelinnks2.3213.772.3400.39
Compuage Info.46.713.87274.320.862.08
BDH Inds.77.613.9744.72.581.47
Tata Sponge Iron1047.313.981612.841.051.68
Porwal Auto Comp50.5514.0676.330.991.32
Thirumalai Chem.206414.12113.540.914.93
Dynamic Archist.12.514.236.2600.32
Aurobindo Pharma589.514.2334537.770.423.07
Ashirwad Cap.2.7814.2611.121.44
Samkrg Pistons308.114.36302.551.462.4
Filatex India19814.63861.302.6
Sasken Technol.694.914.771188.981.011.97
ION Exchange509.1514.85746.750.692.33
Torrent Power268.514.8812904.560.821.69
Maan Aluminium150.414.95101.680.332.89
HCL Technologies96414.971,34,208.172.553.4
Computer Point1.1514.993.4500.1
Astra Microwave105.5514.99914.190.951.88
Coral India Fin.37.0515.1184.80.541.93
Sarla Performanc62.715.14523.561.751.63
Bliss GVS Pharma204.9515.172113.030.293.61
Haryana Capfin47.615.2224.800.67
Lincoln Pharma.223.115.5446.20.542.05
Kaveri Seed Co.478.5515.853162.8402.52
Salasar Techno326.115.85432.9703.74
Jagran Prakashan168.9515.985261.31.862.2
Indiabulls Hous.1288.415.9954954.872.083.79
Garware Polyest182.2516.01424.920.550.81
Poddar Pigments298.2516.01316.441.172.23
Munjal Showa235.116.08940.281.71.68
SMIFS Cap. Mkt.53.616.1129.961.860.3
Coral Labs.629.516.13224.730.792.39
Rajratan Global594.116.39258.430.252.57
Deepak Fert.361.616.433189.311.661.73
Reliance Home79.2516.573844.0903.14
Odyssey Tech.39.8516.5835.3102.23
Ganesh Benzopl.83.716.59433.570
Ram Ratna Wires185.416.66407.880.673.61
South Ind.Bank27.516.794974.291.451.03
JSW Steel309.3516.7974776.710.732.89
Sanwaria Consum.18.4516.971358.10.143.09
Sam Inds.23.5517.0726.1100.64
Paisalo Digital253.4517.41027.990.391.68
Emk.Global Fin.200.3517.54491.540.53.09
Jay Bharat Mar.499.2517.581081.380.53.13
OCL India131917.627505.110.422.81
D B Corp317.4517.645841.011.263.14
Link Pharma Chem41.617.7618.4701.79
Goa Carbon911.117.78833.660.496.9