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[Sure shot] How to Earn 1 Crore by Investing Rs 500 only !!!

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It's really true; you can earn 1 crore or even 2 crore by investing just Rs 500, so read this article carefully as your attitude to becoming a Crorepati is going will be changed. 
Please note; this article is suitable for young investors who want to plan their retirement, if you are above 40 years please do not go through this article and better to refer to my previous posts;

How to Earn 1 Crore by Investing Rs 500 only 

The whole story of being crorepati based on disciplined investment policy. Here we will not show you any magic to scratch a coupon and earn 1 crore within a moment but this is purely based on scientific calculation showing you the power of compounding in stock market investment through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).
Prima facie to earn Rs 1 Crore by investing just Rs 500, appears to be impossible but you can really earn 1 Crore Rupees (or even 2 Cr and more) if you are ready to spare Rs.500 a month for the sake of your investment/retirement benefit.

I hope investing Rs 500 a month will not create any financial burden on your budget. Moreover, Rs.500 is just a peanut now a days specially for a person who google on the topic "How to earn Rs 1 Crore by investing Rs 500"

No matter what's your financial background is; either you are from a middle class family, government employee, having job with a private company or just a student, you must be in a position to spare at least Rs.500 per month, isn't it? 

So, earning Rs 1 Crore by investing Rs 500 requires your patience only. All you need to do is simply invest smarty and forget for the time being. I hope you can do it easily after reading this article till end, specially when it comes Rs.500 a month, right? If you are agree, this article will certainly help you to clear the entire picture for becoming 'Crorepati'.

Important point to note;

  • How to turn Rs 500 into Rs 1 Crore?
  • One sure way to becoming a 'Crorepati'.
  • To spare at least Rs.500 per month.
  • Power of compounding in SIP. 
  • Becoming ‘Crorepati' requires your patience.

Well, to earn Rs 1 Crore by investing Rs 500 per month you must have sufficient time say 30 to 35 years to grow your investment. We have made a calculation here as to create an investment of Rs 1 Crore or more by investing Rs 500 per month (calculations have been made by using IIFL SIP Returns Calculator);

Way to Earn Rs 1 Crore by investing Rs 500

Monthly Investment Amount  :      (Rs.)  500
Investment Period In Years     :                  35
Returns Expected (% Annualised)  :   16.10%

End Value of your Investments :  
Rs. 10,150,287 (1.02Cr.)
Amount actually paid                :      Rs.  210,000
Times amount gets rolled-over  :             35

In above calculation what we see is; if you invest Rs. 500/- per month for a period of 35 years in an investment which fetches a minimum CAGR of 16.10%, your total investment of Rs. 2,10,000 is multiplied by 35 times over a period of 35 years and hence you will get Rs. 10,150,287 (1.02 Cr.).

Way to earn more than Rs 2 Crore by investing Rs 500

Monthly Investment Amount :       Rs.500
Investment Period In Years:              38
Returns Expected (% Annualised) : 17%

End Value of your Investments    :
Rs. 21,825,061(2.18 Cr.)
Amount actually paid                   : Rs. 228,000
Times amount gets rolled-over     :         65

Again in above calculation what we see is; if you invest Rs. 500/- per month for a period of 38 years in an investment which fetches a minimum CAGR of 17% , your total investment of Rs. 2,28,000 will be multiplied by 65 times and hence he will get Rs. 21,825,061 (2.18 Cr.). 

How to invest to Earn crores?

Of course you should invest in stock market to achieve your target because other investment cannot fetch as much as return required to you be a crorepati. Again if you are not an expert in how to to invest directly in equity market, you should go for investment SIP in of selected stocks, ETFs or in Mutual funds having fabulous track record of a minimum compounded return of 17%.

How many years do you need to invest to earn Rs 1 Crore and more?

As per above calculation to earn Rs. 1 Crore, you should invest Rs. 500 a month in selective SIPs, Stocks, ETFs or Mutual funds systematically over an average period of 35 years which fetch at least 16.10% CAGR on your investment. 

Similarly to earn Rs. 2 Crore a monthly investment of Rs. 500 over a period of 38 years which fetch at least 17% CAGR on your investment. Find Top 10 Mutual Funds in India (Crisil No.1 Ranked) in my previous post.

Where to invest?

The best option to achieve your target is stock market where you should directly invest in quality large cap stocks having good potential, if you are master in finding value picks its an easy task for you. Again if you are not an expert in investing directly in stocks/shares do not worry you may invest in ETF like NIFTY ETF etc; where you have to make no effort to examine growth potential of the companies as your investment will grow each time nifty/index will rise. Investing in nifty index is supposed to be safer as your money will be invested in top 50 companies of India. If you are still worried and find it difficult to invest directly then you should invest through mutual funds where fund managers who are professionally expert in investment will do every sort of investment work for you.

Is it possible to get more than 16% CAGR on your investment?

yeah it is quiet possible to get 16-17% or even more return when you invest in stock market. If you see track record of Sensex for past 30 years, you will be surprised to know that it has delivered a return of 17% CAGR and expected to deliver 26% CAGR in coming 20 years. It means if you do nothing but invest in INDEX only, you can easily earn Rs 1 Crore by investing Rs 500 in 35 years and more than Rs 2 Crore in 38 years.

Essential Components in SIP Investments

Systematic Investment Plans, known as SIPs, are a dependable way for creating wealth over long term. Here's few essential elements you must consider when invest in SIPs.

1. Consistency's Key
The keyword be "systematic". Need to invest consistent, regardless of market condition, to take advantage of rupee cost averaging. Even small investment can yield big return over time, thanks to power of compounding.
2. Choosing the Right Fund
Research and select funds that consistently performed well over years. Remember, past performance do not guarantee future results, but it's a good place to starting.

3. Regular Monitor
While SIP is a long-term investment strategy, regular monitoring essential to make sure your investments are on right track. It also help stay updated with market trend and fund performance.

Case Study: Becoming a Crorepati with SIPs

Invest in stock market can seem daunting, but with right strategy and disciplined approach, it's entirely possible become a crorepati.

Meet Ravi, a typical middle-class individual, who start investing Rs.500 monthly in SIPs from the age of 25. By the time he retired at the age of 60, his disciplined and consistent investment had grown to more than 1 crore, thanks to the power of compounding.

You too can replicate Ravi's success. Remember, the earlier you start invest, the better your chances of achieve your financial goals.
While it may seem like daunting task to earn crores from SIPs, it's definitely achievable with consistent investments and a little bit of patience. Start investing today and let your money work for you!

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Remember, key to earning crores from SIP investments is consistency and patience. The earlier you start, the more you earn. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey to becoming a crorepati today!

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