Last Updated: Monday, July 17, 2017

Top 10 Low Priced Stocks with Sound Fundamentals

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Today we will check "Top 10 Low priced Stocks with Sound Fundamentals", these stocks are currently unnoticed to institutional buyers and common traders/investors; once they come to the notice; their sound fundamentals and growth potential will help them to fly like anything. After checking their fundamental and shareholding patterns we have shortlisted some of the bullish Low priced Stocks for you;
"Present post is for education purpose only and should not be taken as stock recommendation. The price targets mentioned in this post are given by respective brokerage houses, read disclaimer at the footnote of this blog page before making any position in the stock."

Top 10 Low priced Stocks with Sound Fundamentals

1. PTC India Financial Services Ltd (PFS) @ 40.90

2.     Future Enterprises Ltd - FEL @ 33.45

7. Firstsource Solutions @ 33.45
8. Genus Power @ 50.20
9. Sintex industries ltd @ 31.95
10. South Indian Bank @ 28.47

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  1. This is excellent, thank you so much for sharing! :) I am also bullish on HFCL
    SRS Limited for a long time. After seeing ur recommendation I will soon add it to my portfolio

  2. Srsltd is a good techno fundamental buy with medium/longterm target of 57

  3. Hi yasin,
    Thanks for comment and your view on srs ltd, pls find our post on multibagger srs limited

  4. Nice info sir...