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Tata Motors' robust performance: Q1 FY 2024 Result Beats the street

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In a striking revelation, Tata Motors has released their Q1 FY24 financials with a resonating confidence, driving their stocks in the green and lifting the spirits of their investors. The automobile behemoth showcased a commendable resilience and adaptability in their strategy, strongly indicating a bright future.

Tata Motors registered an impressive growth in the first quarter, exceeding market expectations. Their revenues from operations witnessed an uptick of 42%, touching the Rs 1.02 lakh crore mark. Evidently, the sustained growth trend and a vibrant product portfolio have played a crucial role in this significant leap.

Furthermore, the financials report indicated an encouraging surge in the Tata Commercial Vehicles (TATA CV) and Tata Passenger Vehicles (TATA PV) segments. TATA CV chalked up Q1 revenue of Rs 17,000 crore, with an EBITDA at 9.4%, while domestic CV market share rested at an imposing 39.1%. Concurrently, TATA PV reported a Q1 revenue of Rs 12.8K crore and an EBITDA of 5.3%.

The performance of Tata Motors' luxury vehicle subsidiary, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), emerged as another sterling aspect of the Q1 results. The quarterly wholesales for Jaguar and Land Rover were recorded at 10,324 and 82,929 vehicles, respectively, marking a substantial 30 percent growth YoY. Nevertheless, JLR's Q2 production and cashflow are anticipated to be slightly lower, owing to the annual summer plant shutdown. 

In a remarkable milestone, the profit of the automaker surpassed market estimates with a noteworthy margin. Analysts had previously projected it to be around Rs 2,546 crore. Besides, the company CFO PB Balaji affirmed that they would turn net debt-free this year, adding another feather to Tata Motors' cap.

Adding to the optimism, the company announced the commencement of production at the EV plant in the UK and battery cell plant in Gujarat by 2026. The firm has also unveiled plans to launch 10 electric cars under the JLR portfolio in the medium term. Despite this ambitious growth strategy, the company does not foresee any fundraising necessity for the EV subsidiary.

Furthermore, the CFO elucidated on the capital expenditure plans of the automaker, with Rs 38,000 crore earmarked for this year. Out of this, Rs 8,000 crore will be directed towards the domestic PV, CV, and EV businesses, while the rest Rs 30,000 crore would be allocated for JLR.

In addition, the company confirmed the issuance of 7 ordinary shares for every 10 'A' shares (Tata motors DVR), suggesting a 23% premium for 'A' shares. This is set to result in a 4.2% reduction in outstanding shares.

On the downside, Tata Motors awaits governmental approval for the Tiago EV PLI, as the company has already applied for the PLI and is now waiting for the certificates.

All in all, Tata Motors' Q1 FY24 results painted a rosy picture of the company's strategic direction and market standing. While the market remains dynamic, Tata Motors' robust performance and forward-thinking initiatives signal a promising trajectory, setting high expectations for the future quarters.

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