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Ankita revealed: Sushant Singh Rajput wanted to be like Dhoni

Ankita also revealed that Sushant always wanted to be like Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Let us tell you that Sushant worked in Dhoni's biopic which was a box office hit.

Sushant Singh Rajput proved to be a hit in Dhoni's role
Sushant Singh Rajput played his role in Dhoni's biopic and presented it on the silver screen in such a way that it became difficult to distinguish between him and Dhoni for a moment. Sushant Singh Rajput worked hard for this film, Learned Dhoni's expressions, Learned his batting style, Entry to the field or, style of standing at the crease.
Even Sushant Singh Rajput learned his style of speaking. Sushant Singh Rajput did not play the character of Dhoni but lived that character.

Sushant Singh Rajput wanted to be like Dhoni

Ankita said in an interview to a TV challenge that she is surprised when someone calls Sushant depressed. He said that she cannot believe that Sushant was depressed. Ankita, who has done with Sushant, said, 'Today people talk about him in different ways. Telling them depressed, but it cannot be. The truth is that he always used to tell me that there is a line between success and failure, the line which Mahendra Singh Dhoni follows. I also want to be like them. No matter how big a success or how big a failure, they remain the same. Sushant used to say that I want to be like this.

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