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5 Stocks to double your portfolio in one year | 2017

Buy these stocks now and double your portfolio in one year : Says Porinju

multibagger buy stock online5 Stocks which can be doubled in one year

We have collected a list of resources in which Porinju positively emerges bullish on some hedden gems from an interview with CNBC-TV18
as published on moneycontrol.

Selan Exploration: cmp 194.50

Porinju recently added Selana to his wallet, which actually ruined the wealth of investors. Selan sold a 10-year low, he said. With the prices of commercial oil at these levels, Selan is a beautiful company with cash in the balance.

Orient Cement & HSIL: cmp 143 & 354

HSIL is a very big company, but it is not in the fantasy. This is not a great performer, but it is of great importance in the future, explains Porinju.
It is expected that the government will participate in large cannons in housing. The government is developing many programs such as housing for all, mission 2022. "Our economy is so strong that we can do it, and fortunately, Indian politicians make decisive decisions," said Porinju.

Reliance Industries: cmp 1405

It would be difficult to quantify how much RIL can grow from here, but for half a century it would be good to maintain returns for investors, "said Porinju.

Kotak Mahindra Bank: cmp 873

Over the next ten years, Kotak Bank may grow to $ 100 billion in the context of a particular economic environment. "We need to understand that the structure of the Indian economy and demographic structure point to smart entrepreneurs and relevant actions," said Porinju.

"Over the next 10 to 20 years, there is tremendous potential for such companies to grow by 15-25% a year, which is the kind of inflection point of our economy on which we sit," he explains.

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