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Top 10 Stocks to buy now in India | 2017

Double your profit: Top 10 Best Stocks to buy right now in India | 2017 

Selecting multibagger stocks to ensure a maximum return at minimum risk is a challenge for every investor. Remember that when you buy a stock, you will always be a part owner of the company. Thus, the short-term market moves aside, the value of your investment will depend on the health of the company. Here we see 10 stocks that could double in the next two years, as happens in a Sharekhan report, a stock advice website. These stocks benefit either from a change in government policy or from a boom in the economy. Most of these stocks are from Large cap companies, when it comes identifying multibagger stocks investors try to search hidden gems in small cap stocks only but investing in small caps may also be riskier than large cap so in this post we have made an attempt to finding '10 Large cap Multibagger Stocks'.

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Following is the latest list of Top 10 Stocks to Invest right now in India that can double your portfolio by the end of December, 2017.
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Double your profit: Top 10 Best Stocks to buy right now in India | 2017

1. L&T: Shares of the infrastructure giant L&T

could give a potential return of 119% over two years. Sharekhan believes that the stock may touch a target price of Rs 3800 by December 2017. It currently trades at Rs 1400 levels. The price for the stock moved in the range of Rs 1242 to Rs 1893 over the last one year. The government's commitment to the energy, roads and defense segments can help the company record higher revenue growth next year.

2. Network 18 India: Sharekhan expects The full-play media company with interests in television, the Internet, print and film content could lead to a yield of 195% over the next two years. Because it is expected to jump from its current price of Rs 36 (Rs 51 when the report was released in March 2015) to its target price of Rs 150 through to December 2017. The stock of Network 18 India has already jumped 65% last year yet it will be most picked stocks to invest right now in India 2017.

3. IRB Infra: Sharekhan expects IRB Infra to deliver a yield of 173.4% over next two years with a target price of Rs 680. The stock currently on Rs 230 levels. This increase in the share price could be due to the fact that the company is currently benefiting from the current attention for infrastructure development in India. IRB Infra has already recorded an increase in revenue in the construction, operations and transfer (BOT) projects for the quarter ended December 31, 2014. This corresponds to a third of IRB Infra's overall profit. This is a huge boost to the company's profits. The National Highway Authority also has more gains in tax rates up to March 2015 that last year. This inclusion in the activity is good for IRB Infra.

4. TCS: Shares of the IT giant TCS could be more than twice as large as Rs 5,100 levels by December 2017. It is currently about Rs 2,430 levels. This is because the company has consistently exceeded the average growth of the industry. It grew by 15% in 2015, over the industry 12-14% expectation. This is despite the negative impact of exchange rate fluctuations, which have impacted their sales by 4.8%. The company also intends to expand to newer markets and geographic locations. According to sharekhan one of the renowned stock broker this could benefit the IT major TCS in the next two years. Shares of TCS is one of the most loved stock in this list; '10 Stocks to Invest right now in India'.

5. PTC India Financial: PTC India Financial Ltd is from financial services sector, operating in the solar and wind energy sectors could give investors a yield of 151.7% over a period of two years. Currently trading on Rs 43 levels, the stock according to Sharekhan could go up to December 2017 target price of Rs 144 rise. This is because the company benefits from the government's thrust on the solar and wind energy sectors. Cheap interest rates can also help reduce the financing costs for the company, improving profitability.

6. Tata Motors DVR: The automaker Tata Motor  is expected to yield 151.5% yields during the two years to December 2017 and bringing the affected share a target price of Rs 850. It currently trades at Rs 340 levels. The stock is in the range of Rs 221 to Rs 391 last year. The company could benefit over the next three years from the planned launch of 100 new commercial vehicles.
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7. Maruti Suzuki: According to Sharekhan, the stock prices of the leading automobile company Maruti Suzuki could jump almost 105% over the next two years to Rs 7450. Maruti's shares are currently traded at Rs 5,800 levels (Rs 3,600 when the report was released in March 2015) . Maruti Suzuki, the leader in the domestic automotive market, recorded growth of 13% in December 2014, compared to the industry average of 3.7%. Its new automatic cars and commercial vehicles were well received in the market. The recent devaluation of the Japanese yen can help reduce costs as part imports become cheaper. This is good news for shareholders and  Maruti's profitability.

8. Finolex Cables: The cable manufacturer Finolex Cables is expected to post a 25% growth in sales during the quarter to March 2015. It is also likely to post double-digit growth rates in FY2016. This should feed the stock to yield a potential return of 126% over the next two years. It is currently trading at Rs 430 levels and is expected to reach a target price of Rs 650 by December 2017. The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India could also help the company. The new Manufacturing plant set up by Finolex Cables in Roorkee may add something in its overall turnover.

9. Axis Bank: The shares of Axis Bank one of the leading private bank are expected to more than double to Rs 1210 by December 2017, which corresponds to a yield of 112.3%. Since the stock split in July 2014, the stock has already risen by 32%. Axis Bank has a strong commitment to the infrastructure segment, which is the focus of the government. Axis Bank could therefore benefit from the increase in infrastructure projects and development activity in years to come.

10. SBI: SBI is the largest public bank in India which has the potential to provide 111.8% return in two years. From its current level of Rs 260, Sharekhan expects the stock price to rise to Rs 580 by December 2017. After Demonetization by the Modi government, SBI is one of the first banks to reduce lending rates in response to the decline in rates by the RBI. This aggressive pricing policy can help SBI to capture more market share and wealth maximization to its shareholders. 

So these are the '10 Stocks to buy now in India' that can your portfolio by the end of December, 2017, some of them may have potentiality to be a multibagger stock in 2017 to 2020. Good Luck and Happy Investing!


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