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Is Subex Ltd a Multibagger?

Subex Limited

CMP: NSE Mar 11, 15:59 Rs. 9.00

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About Subex Limited 

Subex Limited is provider of Business and Operations Support Systems to Communication Service Providers, It is in the business of Computer Software and engaged in Medium & Small sector. The current market capitalisation of Subex Ltd stands at Rs 380.00 crore. The Company operates through two business segments: telecom software products and telecom software services. Subex Limited was founded by Subash Menon and Alex PJ in 1992. Initially the company was founded as a fibre optics company thereafter the company also joined into providing telecom fraud prevention software. Subex Limited issued its IPO in 1999 and was listed on both Indian Stock Exchange i.e. NSE and BSE its then market capitalization was around 5 million us dollar. In 2007 Subex Limited was subsequently listed in London Stock Exchange. The shares of Subex limited made its life time high of Rs. 789.60 in Jan 2007. Since then it has witnessed poor performance with deteriorating share price it made life time low of  Rs. 4.41 in Sept 2013. More at official site>>>

Key ratios:

  • MARKET CAP (RS CR) : 380.00
  • P/E: 4.82
  • BOOK VALUE (RS) : 12.51
  • DIV (%) : 0.00%
  • MARKET LOT : 1
  • INDUSTRY P/E ; 20.93
  • EPS (TTM) :1.87
  • P/C : 4.67
  • PRICE/BOOK : 0.72
  • FACE VALUE (RS) : 10.00

Shareholding Patter of Subex Ltd 

(in %)Dec-15Sep-15Jun-15

Is Subex Ltd a multibagger?

Subex Ltd has now become a penny stock. Investment in Penny Stocks is not suggested by the experts. However after posting a continuous loss numbers company now turned into profit for last few quarters but based on these numbers only it is very hard to say that Subex Ltd has now turn-around story. With PE of 4.82, valuation wise it is much attractive stock. At the same time seeing its promoters shareholding it depicts very pathetic story (0.26%), probably you have never seen such a worst stakeholding by promoters of any company. So as a rule of thumb one should avoid companies having stake holding less than 1% and better forget about "Multibagger" gains better focus on steady and reasonable valuations stocks. We are of the opinion that if there are plenty of opportunity in fundamentally good shares/stocks, why you should go for small and penny stocks having worst growth background? However at current market price of Rs. 9.00 risk reward ratio makes it good for risk-appetite trader and not for long term investors.

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