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Top 10 Penny Stocks List March 2016

Before we discuss on present topic "Top 10 Penny Stocks List March 2016" our first and STRICT WARNING is we would not sincerely advise you all 'investing or trading in penny stocks'. Penny Stocks is often recommended as non-traditional investment, at the same time we have seen a number of penny stocks given tremendous return to investors. Here I collected a list of some of the buzzing penny stocks in March 2016. Basis of selection is its increased trading volume in one month. At the same time I disclose that I am neither a expertise nor I recommend investing in such stocks.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks List March 2016

  1. Swagruha Infra @5.10
  2. Media Matrix @ 8.95
  3. Manaksia Aluminium @ 3.47
  4. Cressanda Solution @ 2.85
  5. Avonmore Capital  @ 9.00
  6. Vegetable Products @ 5.15
  7. Vertex Sec @ 3.32
  8. Sharp Investments @ 7.10
  9. ACI Infocom @ 6.20
  10. Khaitan Fertilizer @ 8.12

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