Last Updated: Saturday, January 16, 2016

Market Turmoil Gives Opportunity in Multibagger Small Caps

Looking Multibagger return in Selected Small Caps

FirstSource Solutions | Manali Petrochemical | HFCL | Trident Ltd | Ansal Properties | Nitin Fire Protection | V2 retail | Srs Ltd | Syncom Formulation

Stock Image:'Hidden Gems'_mid_cap_small_cap_shares_debt_free_multibaggers
While Indian as well as global markets look uncertain, one could see a relief rally in the short-term, I look buying opportunity in selected small caps which become very attractive with market turmoil. With Nifty below 7500 and Sensex below 25000 I do not expect a 2008-like situation in 2016. However one may be bearish on market in the medium-term but with the recent sell-off in small caps and mid-caps I went through various 'Hidden Gems' in mid n small cap stocks to explore long term potentiality of it being 'Multibaggers' and sorted few DEBT FREE 'Hidden Gems' after its fundamental analysis (may not be strong on chart);

1. FirstSource Solutions CMP 35
2. Manali Petrochemical CMP 25
3. HFCL CMP 19
4. Trident Ltd CMP 47
5. Ansal Properties CMP 19.95
6. Nitin Fire Protection CMP 37.75
7. V2 retail CMP 53
My criteria for choosing these was;
A) Zero/Low Debt Balance sheet
B) Last few years growth study
C) Divided yield
D) cash liquidity in Balance sheet
E) Potential expansion of its business
F) Trading Volume in stock exchange.
D) comparison of its PEx to its sectors PEx (TTL) as to knw its current valuation
E) Modi Govts core focal sector

F) For long term holding n not for short term gambling.
and many other factors, If you r interested on any one of these scrips I ll send you further details.

NOTE: Its not my recommendation to invest but this is to bring it in ur attention... Please do your own research...


  1. Kindly send me further details of the stocks mentioned .

  2. Dear Shahrukh,
    Thanks for sparing your precious time for us. Please be in regular touch with "MoneyNbusiness" we will soon post required details.