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Top 15 "Railway Stocks" to be focused Ahead of Budget

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Top "Railway Stocks" for Handsome return ahead of Budget

Railways is a dynamic sector for driving economic growth of India. It has the huge potential to boost the GDP of the country by more than 1%. There is strong expectation that the Railway Budget 2016 will bring some cheer and may give plenty of opportunities in this sector. As far as "Railway Stocks" are concerned we can notice the increasing average daily traded volume for the past few months along with the positive average size of trade. These are clear indicators for growth potential of "Railway Stocks". Similarly its delivery and trade volume ratio are fascinating. 

"Railway Stocks" have always been a point of attraction for traders, the affection of traders towards "Railway Stocks" are seen much in anticipation ahead of the Railway Budget. Railway sector usually is long forgotten throughout the year, but prior to budget in anticipation of increased fund allocation traders starts gathering almost all "Railway Stocks".

While analysing historical data we suggest that the action in "Railway Stocks" spark off almost a quarter ahead of the Railway Budget. A look back at the performance of "Railway Stocks" in the past five to seven years throws a positive surprise as most of the "Railway Stocks" have chugged ahead and delivered handsome returns in a very short time.
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Top 15 "Railway Stocks" to be focused ahead of Budget;

  1. Titagarh Wagons
  2. Pipavav Defence & Offshore
  3. BEML
  4. Hind Rectifiers
  5. Container Corporation of India
  6. L&T
  7. Texmaco Rail and Engineering
  8. Kalindee Rail Nirman
  9. Nelco
  10. Sanghvi Movers,
  11. Alstom
  12. Siemens
  13. BHEL, 
  14. Zicom Electronic Security Systems, 
  15. Stone India,

 Rail Budget and "Railway Stocks"

If the pattern follows the historical trend, there is strong possibility of massive climb in volume on the Railway Budget Session itself and price rise may be seen in the two or three preceding sessions. But there is usually a fall in volumes (regardless of price trends) a few sessions after the Budget. In "Railway Stocks" liquidity is a little better but there also appears to be a general improvement in trading volumes centered around the Budget. Therefore traders who enter "Railway Stocks" must be careful about not getting stuck if liquidity suddenly declines. 
In sum, "Railway Stocks" could do well in the next few sessions or so ahead of budget. But your view in any positions taken should strictly be of short-term trades. we also advise you to check CMP and other details of above  mentioned Top 15 "Railway Stocks" before making any position in it.

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