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Intraday trading tips: How to fix 'Stop Loss' and 'Target price'

How to set Stop loss and Target price in Intraday Trading - Technical view

The art of 'Buying', 'Selling', setting 'Target' and 'Stop Loss'

How to trade for Money: Intra-ay Trading Rules: Nifty support resistance target
How to fix 'Target' and 'Stop Loss'

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What is Stop Loss order? 
A stop loss order is an order placed with a broker to buy or sell once the stock reaches a certain price. A stop-loss is designed to limit the loss of an investor to a security position. 

Intraday trading strategy: How to fix 'Target' and 'Stop Loss'

Most of the day traders prefer to play intraday to earn quick money but at the end of the day only few of them succeed to earn. In fact intraday trading is an art of prompt response and experiece; so for a newbies it is highly risky. Though it requires good knowledge of "Technical Analysis" and "Trend Analysis" yet we have tried our best to make it easy to understand the art of intraday. In current post we will learn ho to fix technical stop loss and target price in intraday stock trading.
It's all about 'Opening Price', 'Day high', 'Day Low', 'Stop-Loss'/SL, Actual Trading Price-ATP, 'Last Trading Price'-LTP etc. Please Stick to following simple "Trading-rules" where you can understand "When to Buy" and "When to Sell";
Buy_Sell_stock_intraday_How to trade for Money
"When to Buy" - "When to Sell";

1. When open price and day high price are almost same, sell  it with SL of open/high price.

2. Buy when price crosses day open price keep Stop Loss at today's low.

3. Sell if prices drops below previous day closing price, Keep Stop Loss at day high.

4. Buy few time after open when price crosses day high, Keep Stop Loss at day's low or immediately below your buying price.

5. Buy if prices crosses and sustain above ATP, Stop Loss will be it's day low.

6. Sell if price breaches and sustain below ATP with Stop Loss of day high.

7. Buy if open and low are same, keep Stop Loss at open price.

8. Buy above previous day high, SL previous day low or today's ATP.

9. Sell below previous day low, Stop Loss today high or ATP.

10. Sell below day's low keep  Stop Loss at ATP.

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  1. Focusing on target really more important in the trading. You have shared great tips to prevent the loss of money. Very useful to beginners. Thank you for sharing with us.

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  2. What is ATP, pls explain in detail for ATP. Difference between ATP and LTP. Thanks in advance ji