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Top 10 Stocks having Secular Growth Stories - 2017

What is a Secular Growth Stock?

Secular is an adjective used to describe a long-term delay, usually 10 years or more. It advocates that investors in order to get multibagger return on their investment should have a stretched time horizon.

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Why you should look secular Trends in Market?

It is important for investors to identify secular trends in markets, not just short-term trends, if they are to succeed in stock market. Hence, investing in Secular growth Stories is an excellent idea. Forcing people to think of such concepts will get them on the right path. Here’s a list of top 10 secular growth stories complied by market experts;

1. Cera Sanitaryware: 
Stock price: CERA (NSE) ₹ 1,914.00 23 Dec.

Top 10 Secular growth stories: Cera_Sanitaryware_Multibagger_stock_investment_2017

    CERA offers a wide range of experiences through a wide range of products. To complement Sanitaryawre products there is a range of faucets, tiles, shower products, kitchen sinks and personal care products. 
    Why to invest; Market cap of Rs. 3600 cr. Brand leader. Top quality management.
    2. MCX India: ₹ 1,153.15 23 Dec, 3:30 PM, 
Top 10 Secular growth stories: MCX_India_Multibagger_stock_investment_2017
    The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX), first listed exchange India is a state-of-the-art, commodity futures exchange to online trading, and clearing and settlement of commodity facilitate Futures transactions and thus a platform for risk management. The Exchange, which commenced operations in November 2003, operates under the regulatory framework of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
    Why to invest;  Great business model with huge scalability. New management with proven track record.

3. Repco Home Finance: Stock price: 
        REPCOHOME (NSE) ₹ 524.00 23 Dec, 3:30 PM,
    Top 10 Secular growth stories:repco_home_finance_ Multibagger_stock_investment_2017
    Repco Home Finance Ltd (RHFL) is a professional wealth management company located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was incorporated in April 2000. RHFL registered as a housing finance company with the National Housing Bank (NHB).
    Why to invest;  Market cap of Rs. 4100 cr. Long runway ahead.
4. Century Plywood: Stock price: CENTURYPLY (NSE) ₹ 163.50, 23 Dec, 3:30 PM,
    Top 10 Secular growth stories:Century Plywood_ Multibagger_stock_investment_2017
    Century Plyboards Ltd. Is an Indian manufacturing company that manufactures, sells and exports plywood and veneer. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality plywood, laminated sheets, fibreboard, marine wood, MDF panels, etc. Market cap of Rs. 5400 cr. Consistent growth track record of 20% for past several years. 

    Why to invest; Brand leader. Top quality management.

    5. Capital First: 
    Stock price: CAPF (NSE) ₹ 528.20 23 Dec, 3:30 PM, 
                              Image: Top 10 Secular growth stories-Capital_first_Multibagger_stock_investment_2017

    Capital First Ltd (NSE: CAPF) is a leading financial institution in India focused on providing debt financing to MSMEs and Indian consumers. Capital First was founded in its current form in 2012.The founding theme of Capital First is that the financing of the 50 million MSMEs of India and its emerging middle class, with a differentiated model based on new technologies, offers a unique and unique opportunity.
    Why to invest; Market cap of Rs. 4100 cr. Dynamic & professional management with skin in the game.

6. Ashiana Housing: Market cap of Rs. 2669 cr. Housing will not go out of fashion ever, especially the middle class ones. Good track record of execution and delivery. 

7. AIA Engineering: Market cap of Rs. 11,000 cr. Duopoly manufacturer of a ‘must have’ item for the mining & cement industry. Dominant market leader in its segment.

8. Ajanta Pharma: Market cap of Rs. 11000 cr. Excellent track record. Long runway ahead for growth. 

9. Kajaria Ceramics: Market cap of Rs. 6100 cr. Same reasons as are given for Cera.

10. Atul Auto: 
Stock Price Rs. 415, Market cap of Rs. 1200 Cr. Strong management with ability to scale it up.

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