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Multibagger Stock Idea: Manali Petrochemicals Limited


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Manali Petrochemicals Limited (MPL) is a leader in the production and marketing of Propylene Oxide, Propylene Glycols and Polyols in India. Located at Manali in Chennai, India, MPL is engaged in the manufacture of the above Petrochemical products. The Company operates two grassroot production facilities at Manali to manufacture Propylene oxide (PO), Propylene Glycol (PG) and Polyols. It markets its Polyols with isocyanates sourced indigenously as well as imported from Japan and China and the pre-polymers produced at MPL in meeting the demand of polyurethane industry in India.

Industrial Applications of the MPL's Petrochemical Products;

Manali Petrochemicals Limited product portfolio includes intermediates, commodity and specialty products with a range of applications.    

  • Propylene oxide
Intermediate in pharmaceutical formulations
  • Propylene glycol
Used in pharmaceutical formulations, unsaturated polyester resins, food flavor, fragrances .
MPL manufactures this product to IG / IP / USP / BPstandards.
  • Flexible and molded Polyols
Polyurethane used in automobile seats, furniture, garments, mattresses.
  • Rigid Polyols
Polyurethane for refrigeration, thermo-ware, industrial insulation.
  • Elastomer grade Polyols
Used in coatings, sealants, adhesives, and oil-field surfactants.


  • Flexible Slabstock Polyol F-3000 , F-3002 , F-3502 , F-4002
  • Di Propylene Glycol (DPG)
For industrial uses such as brake fluid, anti-freeze, polyester resins and carbonless paper, and in cosmetics including toilet soap, detergents, body spray, perfumes, and incense sticks.
  • Tri Propylene glycol
Polyester resins and brake fluids, pour point depressants, drilling fluids, and surfactants.

Speciality Applications

Manali Petrochemicals Limited also manufactures a range of specialty, blending and ready-to-use products.

Fundamental View  and future Prospects of Multi-bagger Stock Manali Petrochemicals Limited

Manali Petrochemicals Limited (MPL) is one of those petrochemical company which possibly is almost unnoticed. MPL actually belongs to the Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Limited (SPIC) group which has an established petroleum company and it belongs to the AC Muthiah family, MPL is one of the most efficiently run plants. Going through matrix of others, when Chennai petro started doing well.

Manali Petrochemicals Limited is slightly different from the fact that it is not pure hydro carbon and manufactures what is called propylene glycols and propylene oxide. its products include raw materials that go into right from perfumes, food flavours, fragrances, leather and furniture having huge industrial end users, the company has recently expanded its capacity three times.

Key ratios of  Manali Petrochemicals Limited as of now;

  • MARKET CAP (RS CR): 497.94
  • P/E: 8.99
  • BOOK VALUE (RS): 14.23
  • DIV (%): 10.00%
  • INDUSTRY P/E: 39.63
  • EPS (TTM): 3.22
  • P/C: 8.18
  • PRICE/BOOK: 2.03
  • DIV YIELD.(%): 1.73%
  • FACE VALUE (RS): 5.00

Why Manali Petrochemicals Limited is potential Multibagger"??

  • There is no other petrochemical stock which was seeing equally promising.
  • Manali is extremely bullish on the kind of user demand. 
  • The softness in crude is helping them tremendously on the input side.Manali Petrochemicals Limited doesn’t actually have any debt which is very remarkable for a petro chemical business.
  • The market capital is not very large by Rs 300-320 plus crore is decent enough, it has about Rs 100 crore of cash.
  • Manali is also giving great dividend yield of 4%.
  • Its current Earnings per share (EPS) is 3.22, and it is trading at 8.99 P/E While Industry PE is 39.63. 
  • So Manali Petrochemicals is something which is bit small for people to have notice earlier but belongs to a good pedigree. 
  • They have trebled their capacities now and the input side is actually impacting them now. 
  • Softness in crude which is the raw materials is also going to help it to be a potential "Multibagger".

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