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'Paper Stocks' hope for Strongest Q4

Indian stock market has witnessed a sharp rally in paper maker stocks. There is an exception of posting strong Q4 number by these company. Fourth quarter usually comes with strong numbers for paper making companies as there is huge demand of paper and paper products by the educational institutions; new curriculum get published, start of new semester and afresh demand of notebooks are some of the reasons behind it.
Declining price of wood pulp also helping these companies. Most of the paper stocks are still trading at low valuation. Following 'Paper stocks' should be on your radar ahead of Q4 result;
Image:'Paper Stocks' hopes for strongest

Hot & Buzzing 'Paper Stocks' 

  1. West Coast Paper Mills CMP 80.95
  2. JK Paper CMP 46.60
  3. Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers CMP 232.50
  4. International Paper APPM CMP 309.50
  5. Ballarpur Industries Ltd CMP 15.90
  6. Star Paper Mills CMP 37.65

SP Tulsian as quoted in ET, is of the opinion that there is no fundamental reason for recent rally in 'paper stocks' and this is due to sector churning as dye, sugar and tea companies have already rallied. At the same time he said in past 40 years paper industries have never rewarded its investors,

As per above analysis I am of the opinion that 'Paper stocks' may be good for short term trading purpose but for long term investment in paper industries investors must examine its fundamentals and previous track record.

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