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Top 10 Stocks to Invest having Strong fundamentals

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Top 10 Quality Stocks to Invest: List I, November, 2016. 

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 Stocks Recommended by Sharekhan

1) State Bank of India: The public sector bank the largest lender of the country with strong customer relationships based, wide scope and economies of scale - making it one of the greatest players of Indian banks. Expanding the current chairman is positive for lenders and help improve operational efficiency, continuity of leadership and flexibility to ensure the merger of the associated banks. It is also better able to have a higher proportion of low cost deposits, comfortable capital adequacy ratio and improve operational efficiency.

2) RBL Bank: The bank is one of the most dynamic banks in the private sector in the past 5-6 years, with advances of 61.9 percent CAGR from FY2011-FY2016. RBL Bank offers a wide range of products, catering to different parts of the companies to retailers. In recent years, the bank has invested significantly to improve systems and processes. Therefore, the ratio remained revenue costs of the high bank. However, since economies of scale on investments, can we expect in the coming years cost reductions, turn to improve RoAand  RoEs.

3) Kansai Nerolac Paints: Kansai Nerolac Paints (KNPL) the third largest paint company in India with a total market share of about 16 percent in the decorative paints segment. Implementing the recommendations of the Seventh Central Commission Payment and the introduction of the GST (shift from unbranded to branded products) help boost consumption paints urban and rural demand normal monsoon to get up painting. KnpI thrust increase its presence in decorative paints and stable raw material price expectations increased, it is expected that the operating profit margin (OPM) to rise in the years ahead, the short-term.

4) Finolex Cables: The heart of the cable business cable Finolex (FCL) stable with a dominant market share. It is expected to support volume growth in double digits. Optical fiber business has good prospects, public pressure for Digital India. Share Khan believes LCM will continue to generate cash flow and strong profitability ratios to create sustainable shareholder value.

5) Rico Auto: A prospect of strong demand on major customers, namely Hero Moto Corp and Maruti Suzuki led the story of improved demand for two-wheelers (2W) and passenger vehicles (provides PV) sector visibility strong revenue . Apart from existing customers, is a new customer Rico (Renault India), would exceed the growth of the automotive industry.

Stocks Recommendations by Reliance Securities

6) Aurobindo Pharma: Aurobindo Pharma is a pharmaceutical company  vertically integrated, and have a strong presence in regulated markets such as the US (44% of sales) and Europe (22% of sales). The company is one of the most important in the United States ANDA pipeline. It is one of the cleanest of the track with the FDA cGMP among Indian pharmaceutical companies disks. Reliance Securities, the company expects a 19-20 percent CAGR FY16-18E PAT delivery. reduced capital expenditure (Rs 6bn in FY18 against Rs12bn in FY17) would lead to strong FCF generation (Rs 2.3bn in FY18E). ROE and ROCE agency predicts 24 percent and 26 percent, respectively FY18E and maintain "buy" on the stock with a target price of Rs 981.

7) HDFC: continuous improvement in operating performance in the coming quarters due to a healthy growth in net income and inclusion inte discount the insurance sector, Reliance Securities maintains 'buy' on the stock with a price target of Rs1,560.

8) Pidilite Industries: Incorporated in 1959, is Pidilite Industries (Pidilite) dominant player in India adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals industry with iconic brands like Fevicol, M-Seal, Fevikwik & Dr. fixit. unmatched market leadership in the sector under-penetrated, high brand value, strong pricing power and manage the higher bandwidth continue to grow, encouraging the future. The main forces of Pidilite intact, despite short-term headwinds still on the initial volume growth due to weak consumer demand. The shares are trading at price-earnings ratio of 41.3x FY17E and 35.4x FY18E earnings. Pidilite currently trading around the 22 percent reduction from pictures Facility. Rating 10 percent reduction 38x Sep'18 multiple Asian Paints, the brokerage maintains 'Buy recommendation' on the stock with a target price of Rs 832, reflecting an increase of 17 percent from current levels.

Recommendations by brokerage house Centrum;

9) ICICI Prudential : ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Life Insurance joint venture between ICICI Bank and Prudential Corporation Holdings Ltd, a unit of Prudential Group. The company was the private life insurance company in India most premiums and total assets under management (AUM) at the end of FY16. At the end of Q1FY17, IPru market share in premium retail weighted received basis (RwrP) among insurance companies in India and among life insurance companies in the private sector in India was 11.2 percent and 23.3 percent, respectively. At CMP, the stock traded at 3.3x FY16 book value per share of Rs 97.1. With one of the capital ratios are highest in the industry (320% in FY16), a margin of healthy VNB (8% in FY16) and strong growth (premium income gross of 25% in FY16), the Centre for positive growth prospects the society in the long term.

10) Shalimar Paints Shalimar Paints Limited (SPL):  SPL is engaged in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, enamels or lacquers. The company operates both in decorative paints and industrial coatings segments. The decorative paints segment product categories include interior walls, exterior walls, metal surfaces, wood surfaces and floors. In the segment of industrial paints, protective coatings are product categories, product finishing, packaging and shipping. Indian industry should grow pictures CAGR of 12 percent from FY17-22 report supports the pick up in decorative paints segment. With heavy monsoons and the seventh pay commission prevail, we expect to recover Indian consumer discretionary spending could be positive for the company. With the recent launch of new products in the pictures decorating the space SPL is in a strong position to benefit from the growth in demand. The company was the turning point in consecutive gain net profit in four quarters. This, together with a positive change in management, brokerage SPL expected to continue strong performance as a result of re-rating of the stock to post. The positive side of the center is long-term perspective. (Centrum, 2016).

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