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  1. Thanks sir

  2. Hello Raju,
    Thanks to be in touch, your mail has been activated now you will get update in your inbox whenever we will post a new article.

  3. Looks as if SRS is facing some liquidity crisis to money stuck in real estate

  4. Sir,
    As u mention in the post of morepen wait till next result.
    Sir pls give your view about morepen result and multibagger possibility.

    Gaurav joshi

  5. Sir what is your view on Large cap Multibagger stocks? Kindly let me know some of the buzzing Large cap multibagger list 2016.

  6. Prateek Agarwal
    SRS is it worth buying?

    1. Hello Mahesh/prateek
      Thanks for visiting MoneynBussiness. At cmp risk reward ratio in SRS is favorable, buy if u hv long term view.Ofcourse company is facing tough time but seeing it's business expansion plan, it's very undervalued share trading in single digit. Buy on every dip. Happy investing.

  7. Dear Sir
    Please let me know about Syncom Formulation !

  8. Hi Goutam,
    Thanks for showing interest in my blog. The best part of Syncom Formulation is that the company is continuously posting profitable numbers and is a dividend paying company. Though it is a small cap company dealing mainly in domestic market yet you can bet on it if you have fairly long term view. remember most of the pharmaceutical companies had the almost same price as syncom is having as of now.we have example of Lupin, Marksans Pharma, Ajanta Pharma etc. As it is a penny stock so investing for very short term time horizon is not suggested at all. Visit my earlier post for in depth analysis of synocm formulation

  9. Hello Mr. Author,

    First of all thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and providing detailed analysis of the shares.

    I would like to get your opinion on syncom formulation. I have 10000 shares at the average price of 1.99. I would be very thankful to you, if you can please spare your time to suggest whether I should hold it or sell it or add some more quantity (current rate 1.91) to make average.

    Arpit Sethi

    1. Hi Arpit Sethi,
      Thanks for sparing your valuable time here.
      As to your query regarding Syncom Formulation, We discussed almost every aspect of it being a multibagger stock. No doubt the entire pharma is having tough days post Trump effect and its high time to accumulate pharma stocks. But I can't give you any price target as I am not an SEBI registered investment adviser and do not provide this service via this Blog. The stocks discussed on the blog and each post are for educational and discussion purposes only and are not recommendations to buy or sell stocks. I may or may not have a position in the stocks discussed on this blog. For any investment decision, please contact a certified investment advisor.

      However seeing its fundamentals and risk reward ratio I will not suggest you to sell it now. remember patience is key to success in the market.
      PS : sorry for late reply (:

  10. akshay jain
    Can you suggest some multibbagers stocks to hold for long term(5 or more yrs)n,penny stocks would be preferred.

    1. Hi Akshay,
      Thanks to spare your valuable time here. I will soon post a list of penny stocks having potentiality of it being multibagger stocks. Till then you may go to my previous post

      you may further subscribe my blog to get notification in your inbox. Subscribe to Money N Business by Email

  11. Akshay jain

  12. Can I open account with zerodha because I want to invest only in stocks 2000 per month. And please suggest some good fundamental stocks for long term investment

    1. Hello Ravi,
      Its good to know that you are willing to be a discipline investor. Before suggesting a demat account first let me know whether you are new to stock market or you are already having some demat account.

  13. No I have no any demate account.I am new in stock market

    1. Hi Ravi,
      Zerodha is a discount broker means they will not provide you any assistance, recommendation and calls. As you are new to market and you want to invest low amound every month so I recommend you IIFL/Kotak Mahindra. Their trading platform is very good specially mobile platform.
      Though their charges is slightly higher than zerodha but lower than any other full brokerage house. IIFL/Kotak is full service provider broker, means they will help you in a number of ways.

      Zerodha is good for those who are trader and do multiple trade a day, for an investor like you i don't recommend it for.
      Finally decision is yours.
      Thank you, keep in touch 😊

  14. Hey Writer,

    Wonderful website with great information on needed stocks.
    wanted your look out on the below stocks.

    1. Avance Technologies.
    Bought this at .24, currently trading at 2.36 after consolidation i hold 40,000 shares. what do you look at the company & say any future in this ? or better to exit?

    2. Syncom Formulations
    I hold 14,500 shares at a price of Rs 7 per share, looking to invest more so that i could average my holding price.

    Looking forward for your response.

    Rohith Agarwal

  15. need your advise on nitin fire,mandhana industries,kanani jwellers...I am getting 30% loss in all of three so should hold sell ? i can remain invested for next 1 year.

  16. need your advise for stock

  17. hy am 24, want to start investing, do help me out